Milton "The Flex" Softstone

Dwarf Barbarian with a penchant for the dramatic


Chaotic good Dwarf Barbarian.

4’2", 220 lbs. 70 years old.

-1 initiative, 25 speed.

17 STR +3
8 DEX -1
17 CON +3
8 INT -1
8 WIS -1
14 CHA +2

Common, Dwarvish, Halfling

AC – 10 + CONS + 1/2 STR = 15

The Softstone clan, for many generations, has produced timid intellectuals. In a society that holds honor and valor as paramount, the Softstones are looked down on. For hundreds of years, they have never participated in any great battles or crafted any great works. They have no legacy to pass on, and no great deeds to boast of. Eugene Softstone, Milton’s father, was a banker and financial consultant in Honnef, a small trade city far away from the sprawling mountain kingdoms of the dwarven homeland. Like his father before him, Eugene was a pacifist. Being an easy target, Eugene was harassed by criminals and thugs for years, preventing him from amassing any fortunes or titles. Milton was still young when he would witness these criminals robbing and taking advantage of his dad, and felt incredible shame for him and his clan name. He vowed that he would never be weak like his father and spent his formative years scrapping with the local youths, and developed his fighting skills. Once he came of age, he set out on his own with the desire to bring honor to his clan, perfect his fighting style, and take part in incredible journeys that he could tell stories of to his descendants. But pure strength isn’t the only measure of a man, and this is a lesson Milton will have to learn the hard way.

Milton "The Flex" Softstone

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